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£49 - Lens & frame 

Varifocal Glasses

Free Eye Test Included

Varifocal lenses have more than one prescription in each lens, meaning you can use the same pair of glasses or sunglasses for looking at short and long distances. Often, as you get older you begin to struggle to clearly see some things up close. This makes it harder to do everyday tasks like reading. This is where varifocal lenses can help. Rather than needing to carry around different glasses for long and short-sightedness, you can use varifocals for both.

Be your Best !

Do I need Varifocals?

When you visit us, our expert team will screen your eyes for eye conditions then perform a sight test.

If varifocals are the best option, we’ll take you step by step through what that means, and guide you through choosing the best lens options for your lifestyle.

Once your glasses have then been made, you’ll come back to the store and have them expertly fitted. To make sure you love your varifocal glasses, our team will share tips and tricks for getting used to them. If you have any concerns once you get home, you can pop back in at any time.

Man Reading a Book

How does Varifocals work?

Also known as multifocal lenses, the prescription for short sightedness is at the bottom of the lens, and the prescription for seeing things far away is at the top. This means you can sit in the park reading a book and enjoying the view without needing to swap glasses when you lift your head.

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