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Varifocal Glasses

Steiner Lenses

One prescription across the whole lens. This lens is typically for those who are short or long-sighted, and need glasses for driving and watching the TV or reading and working at a computer. 

Combine more than one prescription into one lens to allow the wearer to see at any distance

STEINER-Vision Varifocal lenses guarantee a perfect adaptation and a smooth transition between near and far vision


Blue light Lenses 

Blue light is a wavelength that’s naturally present in light, including light from the sun. Compared to other light types, blue light has a short wavelength. This is important because doctors associate short-wavelength light with greater risk for eye damage.

While many electronics (including lightbulbs) emit blue light, computer screens and televisions typically release more blue light than other electronics. 


Thin & Lite 

Thin & Lite lenses do exactly what their name suggests, they make lenses thinner and lighter. The aim is to enhance comfort, make them more robust and give a sleeker look. This type of lens is ideal for those with higher prescriptions or for rimless frames.



Tinted lenses can be added to any frame to transform them into sunglasses, not only does this give you more style choice, it will also provide you with the following benefits:

  • UV protection

  • Reduce the glare in bright light conditions

  • Relieve eye strain


Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions. In bright natural light they will darken and then once you’re back in neutral light conditions they will return to a clear lens.

✓ Fast activation and fade back of lens darkness
✓ Fully clear lenses when indoors
✓ Ultimate eye protection – block 100% of UVA and UVB ray



Scratch resistant coating - As standard on all of our lens range you’ll get a scratch-resistant hard coating free of charge. This will increase the durability of the lens.

Anti-reflective (AR) coating - Used to minimise glare and maximise the sharpness of objects, an AR coating is a great additional feature for those who regularly use computers or use their glasses whilst driving.

Multi-layered coating - Excellent for those who work in dusty environments or spend a lot of time outdoors, our multi-layered coating offers better quality, durability and offers water and dust repellent properties. 

Blue coating filter - Our blue coating is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on electronic devices, as it helps to reduce eye fatigue. 


(Helps for computers and fatigue)

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