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Single Vision Glasses

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Single-vision lenses in eyeglasses correct your vision for just one distance—either close up or far away. In other words, the entire lens is correcting one vision problem. In contrast, multifocal lenses, such as progressives or bifocals, correct vision for two or more distances at the same time.

Single Vision Frames

Do I need Single Vision Glasses?

Single-vision lenses correct for one type of vision. It’s the most common type of glasses lens prescribed.

Prescription glasses wearers over age 40 commonly experience age-related changes in their vision that require multifocal lenses. But people under 40 can also need multifocal lenses for multiple types of vision. Both sets of people can opt for either having the multifocal lenses or having two or more pairs of single-vision glasses to correct more than one type of vision. 

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How Single-Vision Lenses Are Different From Other Lenses

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